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          Life paper series
          Release date:2021/10/16 23:10:00    views:325647 clicks
          Product Description:

          Main Brands and Varieties:

          Toilet paper, ficial tissue, pocket tissue, napkin, paper towels, XINGZHILIAN, FOREST LOVE, BEIYING

          Weight Range:

          14-17g, 13-16g, 13.6-17g, 13.5-21g, 33-45g

          Main Production Subsidiaries:

          Shouguang Chenming Life Paper Mill, Wuhan Chenming Life Paper Mill

          Characteristics of Products:

          1. ①Fine Wrinkles and good hydroscopicity
          ②Soft and Comfortable enough for maternal and infant skin
          ③Main products are toilet papers, which is essential for people’s daily life
          2. ①Good softness, strong toughness and good evenness
          ②Smooth and fine hand feeling
          ③used for face and hand clearing afer meals
          3. ①Delicate plications, good feel, without scraps after wiping
          ②High toughness, good hydroscopicity, not easy to tear when wet
          ③Delicate and exquisite in appearance, portable, especially to the enjoy of young people.

          Range of Application:

          1. Daily toilet supplies
          2. Catering industry
          3. Restroom in public places, such as hotels, writing buildings and so on.

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