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          White cardboard series
          Release date:2021/10/16 22:10:00    views:328000 clicks
          Product Description:

          Main Brands and Varieties:

          1. White cardboard and Ivory cardboard of ZITAN series and POPLAR series, super high bulk cardboard.
          2. Chenming cigarett cardboard
          3. Fluid inclusion cardboard, base paper for mugs

          Weight Range:


          Main Production Subsidiaries:

          Shouguang Chenming White Cardboard Mill, Jiangxi Chenming

          Characteristics of Products:

          1. ①Fix quantity, good thickness uniformity, high stiffness and bulk, good die cutting box performance;
          ②High whiteness, stable hue, enven and fine coating, good reduction of even and printing dot;
          ③Stable glossiness, printing product in bright color and strong sense of layer
          2. ①Conforming to standard requirements for tabacco materials
          ②Equiped with coatings, suitable for printing all kinds of upscale cigarette cases
          ③Good reduction of printing dot, surface strenth and box-shaping, applying to high speed cigarette packing machine
          3. ①Smooth and fine paper surface, high folding endurance, in favor of securing bulking without damage;
          ②Good stiffness, impermeable performance and shaping

          Range of Application:

          Upscale gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, hang tags, shopping bags, publicity pamphlets and postcard; cigarette package printing of medium and high quality; milk package, beverage package, disposable paper cup, milky tea cup, paper bowl and so on.

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          Telephone:800-918-6818    Fax:0536-2156111