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          Copperplate paper series
          Release date:2018/1/31 21:01:00    views:314944 clicks
          Product Description:

          Main Brands and Varieties:

          1.One side coated art paper: SNOW SHARK, EAGLE
          2.Double-side coated art paper: SNOW SHARK, EAGLE, RABBIT, SNOW SWALLOW
          3.Matt coated paper: EAGLE, RABBIT, SNOW SWALLOW

          Weight Range:


          Main Production Subsidiaries:

          Shouguang Chenming Coated Paper Mill, Meilun Coated Paper Mill, Jilin Chenming, Jiangxi Chenming, Zhanjiang Chenming

          Characteristics of Products:

          1.Good glossiness and bulk, high stiffness and printing quality grade
          2.Even and fine coating, good reduction for the printing dot and bright color
          3.high intensenty, good whiteness, strong layering sense and verisimilitude image

          Range of Application:

          Double-side coated art paper is suitable for pressworks asking for higher quality, such as upscale picture albums, picture, magazines and so on, propaganda items such as upsacle book inside pages, wall calendaries, posters and so on, as well as high-speed sheet-fed press and high-speed Rotary Speed.
          One-side coated art paper is suitable for large format printing and business printing, such as upscale tabacco package paper, adhesive sticker, shopping bags, slipcases, envelopes, gift wrapping and so on.

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